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CNC-machined frames

Hi, I am Simon.
Curiosity and the passion for technical challenges, together with my long-time experience in engineering, are my driving force behind innovative concepts. My high demand for relentless function and an aesthetic design, render my bikes with an exclusive character.
Since 2018, I design and manufacture ACTOFIVE bicycle frames, made in Germany.


Your Style – Your Setup

What if you could approach your perfect setup step by step?
ADJUSTABLE RIDE° (AR°) allows you to setup the geometry according to your preferences. Choose your Base Setup or purchase AR°- Kit´s.



Redefining the status quo

The deep-feeling HPP suspension gives massive traction and confidence on fast, rough trails while not missing trailbike attitudes through a well-balanced package.

>> 29 Zoll, HIGH PIVOT (HPP) suspension
>> 135 or 145 mm travel for Trail- and Enduro riding
>> CNC-machined from soild blocks of 7075 T6 aluminum



Intend Use Trail, AM, Enduro
Material CNC-machined from solid aluminum
Geometry Setup options
BB Height / Travel / Mullet /
Chainstay Lenght / Head Angle
Max. Wheel Size ≈ 29“ x 2,5“ (80 mm total)
Travel Rear
135 / 145
Travel Front 140 – 160
Rear Axle Syntace 12 x 148
Headset IS41/28.6 – IS52/40
Seat Tube inner Ø 34,9
Max. Insert Seatpost S: 202 / M: 232 / L: 252
Max. Chain Wheel Size 34
Shock Length 210 x 55 Metric
Shock Hardware 25 x 8
Brake Mount PM 180
BB Type 73mm BSA, ISCG 05 mount
Bottle Mount 1 x Downtube topside
1 x Downtube bottomside
Weight 4.000 g (S2, w/o shock)
Colors Raw or anodized in black, blue, dark green, red
FOX DHX2 F-S Cr 2pos-Adj
FOX FLOAT X2 F-S K 2pos-Adj
others on request


S1 [mm] S2 [mm] S3 [mm]
Reach 455 475 505
Top Tube Lenght 602 622 652
Stack 618 627 636
BB Height
LOW: 338
HIGH: 343*
BB Drop
LOW: -34
HIGH: -29*
SHORT: 1200
LONG: 1207
SHORT: 1220
LONG: 1227
SHORT: 1250
LONG: 1257
Chainstay Lenght
neutral / SAG / 50% / 100%
SHORT: 423 / 434 / 438 / 441
LONG: 430 / 440 / 445 / 448
Seat Angle effective 77 deg
Seat Tube Length 415 445 465
Head Angle
BASE: 65° (±0° Headset Cup)
SLACK: 64,25° (±0,75° Headset Cup)
SLACKER: 63,5 (±1,5° Headset Cup)
STEEP: 65,75 (±0,75 Headset Cup)
Head Tube Length 105 110 120
Reference Fork Length 561 ( 150mm Travel )**
Reference Fork Offset 46
Reference Wheel Diameter 744
* BB Setting HIGH: Reach + 7 mm // BB Hight + 5 mm //
Seat Angle +0,65 deg // Head Angle +0,65deg
BB Setting HIGH recommended for 160mm Travel Front and 145 mm Travel Rear
** 140 / 160 mm Travel Front: Reach +7 / -7mm //
BB Height -3 / + 3 mm // Wheelbase -4 / + 4 mm // Seat Angle +0,65 / -0,65 deg //
Head Angle +0,65 / -0,65 deg
Full geometry compensation for mullet.


product net gross (incl. 19 % VAT)
P-TRAIN CNC HPP Frame 3.550,00 EUR 4.224,50 EUR
EXT STORIA LOK V3 incl. spring 718,30 EUR 854,78 EUR
ÖHLINS TTX22M incl. spring 576,00 EUR 685,44 EUR
2021 FLOAT X2 F-S K 2pos-Adj Orange Neutral Logo 702,00 EUR 835,38 EUR
FOX 2021 DHX2 F-S Cr 2pos-Adj Orange incl. SLS spring 800,00 EUR 952,00 EUR
AR°- Kit 1 Head Angle 0° incl. pressing device 125,00 EUR 148,75 EUR
AR°- Kit 2 Head Angle ± 1° incl. pressing device 125,00 EUR 148,75 EUR
AR°- Kit 3 Rocker for 135 mm Travel 125,00 EUR 148,75 EUR
AR°- Kit 4 Rocker for 145 mm Travel 125,00 EUR 148,75 EUR
AR°- Kit 5 Mullet (F29″/R27,5″) and long chainstay (29″ only) 167,00 EUR 198,73 EUR
second spare idler pulley 25,00 EUR 29,75 EUR
second spare hanger 21,00 EUR 24,99 EUR

New order´s delivery time will be approx. 12 Weeks from date of advance payment.

To place your order, please fill the following form. You will receive your invoice via mail. The pre-charge is 65% charge for the frame and 100% charge for the shock. The final payment needs to be done shortly before delivery.

All frames will be delivered with Headset, Seat clamp, Rear axle, spare hanger and a second idler pulley included. Choose your cost neutral ADJUSTABLE RIDE° base setup. If you want to change it by yourself, you need to purchase AR°- Kit´s (see price list).

Your order

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    Each component is manufactured here in Dresden under the roof of METZNER Engineering GmbH by using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment and measuring systems. The processing time of the four main part takes around 22 hours while machining 38 Kg of 7075-T6 aluminum. Chips as well as larger residual parts are recycled.


    ACTOFIVE Frames are precision manufactured, carefully joined and conscientiously assembled. The verification of safety and durability is performed according to the EFBE TRI-TEST® consisting of fatigue tests, maximum load tests and overload test in various load cases.


    The warranty is 5 years from date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects only.
    Costs for returns are covered for customers within the EU.


    The P-Train will be fabricated in a limited edition and is available worldwide.

    Custom finish2021-06-28T11:44:37+02:00

    Be individual! The front triangle and the rear end can be anodized before joining. Find suggestions on social media or on NEWSBLOG.
    Please note: Anodized colors may vary slightly.

    Complete builds2020-12-03T06:24:10+01:00

    Not at the moment. Please ask your local bike shop. Only some selected components are available.
    Ask for a set-price.


    With 1,78m and 80cm inseam, my personal bike has size S2. Please note: Due to its steep seat angle, the bike feels relatively compact.

    How to order2021-06-28T12:02:40+02:00

    Please fill and submit the order form. After your order, you will get an invoice with a 65% pre-charge for the frame and 100% charge for the shock and additional parts.
    After your payment, the project officially starts. The final payment needs to be done shortly before delivery.


    Delivery within Germany and EU:
    The delivery within Germany and EU is free of charge. The customer is responsible for any TAX (B2B only)

    Delivery within non EU:
    The customer is responsible for shipment costs, TAX, custom charges as well as other import costs. Shipment costs are charged with 150 EUR. Delivery times vary between two and six weeks.

    Chain and Chainrings2021-06-28T12:15:21+02:00

    Chains with 120 links suffice in most cases . To be safe , go for 126 links.
    Please note: standard oval chainrings are incompatible with High Pivot.



    ACTOFIVE® is a registered brand.
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    The aesthetic of CNC-machining. 
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    There´s a number of things going on here. Stay tuned!
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    Race season is over. 
„KING OF BIKEPARK TOUR“ @black_mountain_bikepark ➤ 3rd place overall 🥉
„OFFSEASON DH RACE“ @black_mountain_bikepark ➤ 4th place + fastest Enduro Bike on track 💥
Congratulations @wato_89 ! 
📷: @franz._.s
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    Function meets aesthetic. Made in Germany, since 2018. 
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    Can´t wait for the ride. 
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    Living a vision is worth the long nights at the workshop. 
The effort that goes into each frame is more than 8 hours just for the manual work, including bonding and assembly.
#actofive #theptrain #theptraincnc #cncmachining #cncporn #cnc #cncbike #highpivot #localproduction #madeingermany #madeindresden #metznerengineering #enduromtb #mtblove #mtbtech #dreambuild


    From Conception to the finished product

    ACTOFIVE is a brand of METZNER Engineering.

    A company for engineering and production of components for the mechanical
    engineering industry as well as for the vehicle production industry.

    METZNER Engineering GmbH
    Meschwitzstraße 21
    01099 Dresden

    Phone: +49 (0)152 06 49 39 85
    Email: info@metzner-engineering.de
    Web: www.metzner-engineering.de

    Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Simon Metzner
    Trade Register: Amtsgericht Dresden, HRB 35875


    Ask something or say hello

    Bicycle Frames and -Parts: info@actofive.com

    Production- and engineering services: info@metzner-engineering.de


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