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Chain and Chainrings2021-06-28T12:15:21+02:00

Chains with 120 links suffice in most cases . To be safe , go for 126 links.
Please note: standard oval chainrings are incompatible with High Pivot.


Delivery within Germany and EU:
The delivery within Germany and EU is free of charge. The customer is responsible for any TAX (B2B only)

Delivery within non EU:
The customer is responsible for shipment costs, TAX, custom charges as well as other import costs. Shipment costs are charged with 150 EUR. Delivery times vary between two and six weeks.


ACTOFIVE Frames are precision manufactured, carefully joined and conscientiously assembled. The verification of safety and durability is performed according to the EFBE TRI-TEST® consisting of fatigue tests, maximum load tests and overload test in various load cases.


Each component is manufactured here in Dresden under the roof of METZNER Engineering GmbH by using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment and measuring systems. The processing time of the four main part takes around 22 hours while machining 38 Kg of 7075-T6 aluminum. Chips as well as larger residual parts are recycled.

How to order2021-06-28T12:02:40+02:00

Please fill and submit the order form. After your order, you will get an invoice with a 65% pre-charge for the frame and 100% charge for the shock and additional parts.
After your payment, the project officially starts. The final payment needs to be done shortly before delivery.


With 1,78m and 80cm inseam, my personal bike has size S2. Please note: Due to its steep seat angle, the bike feels relatively compact.

Complete builds2020-12-03T06:24:10+01:00

Not at the moment. Please ask your local bike shop. Only some selected components are available.
Ask for a set-price.

Custom finish2021-06-28T11:44:37+02:00

Be individual! The front triangle and the rear end can be anodized before joining. Find suggestions on social media or on NEWSBLOG.
Please note: Anodized colors may vary slightly.


The warranty is 5 years from date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects only.
Costs for returns are covered for customers within the EU.


The P-Train will be fabricated in a limited edition and is available worldwide.

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