Still made in Dresden. Still manufactured to the exacting standards all ACTOFIVE products follow. Still modular and still beautiful. The new SIGNATURE X crankset represents the next phase of ACTOFIVE’s expansion and refinement. With its solid CNC construction, this crankset has successfully passed EFBE’s downhill category-5 ISO certification, and while you may not be racing downhill, this certification ensures that the answer to the question “will it survive?” is a simple “yes”. When we started designing the new SIGNATRE X crankset, we really wanted to build a crankset that would benefit riders who put a premium on durability and stiffness. For those riders who want to install a well built component, and only think about when snapping a pic for the ‘gram.


➤ One-piece construction
➤ CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum
➤ Finish options: raw, silver, black, blue or grey
➤ 168MM Q-Factor with long spindle (MTB)
➤ 161,5MM Q-Factor with short spindle (CX/Gravel)
➤ 170MM or 165MM Length
➤ SRAM 3-Bolt Interface
➤ 29MM Spindle for SRAM DUB BB
➤ Self-extracting without special tools
➤ ASTM F2043-13 / EN 17406 CAT 5
➤ 570g (without chainwheel and crankboots)
➤ Intend Use: Gravel, XC, Trail, Enduro, DH
➤ Limited quantitiy
➤ Optional crank boots
➤ €399,00 (€335,29 excl. VAT


The SIGNATURE crankset for Mtb and Gravel is manufactured using the same technology as the P-TRAIN and I-TRAIN. We designed and built this crankset from scratch to our exact specifications. Our goal was to create a lightweight, easy-to-install, durable, and aesthetically pleasing crankset that could withstand road riding all the way up to enduro riding. We improved upon existing two-piece crank arm designs by CNC machining the two halves and bonding them together permanently. This allows us to control the weight, shape, as well as load paths and how the crankset reacts to cycling forces. The result is a high-performance crankset that may be a little harder to make, but we believe it’s worth it.


➤ Riding style: MTB, CX, Gravel
➤ Two-piece hollow construction, bonded
➤ CNC machined from high-strength aluminum
➤ 168MM Q-Factor with long spindle
➤ 161,5MM Q-Factor with short spindle (CX/Gravel)
➤ 170MM Length
➤ SRAM 3-Bolt Interface
➤ Self-extracting without special tools
➤ ASTM F2043-13 / EN 17406 CAT 4
➤ 480g (without chainwheel and crankboots)
➤ Limited quantitiy
➤ Including crank boots
➤ €799,00 (€671,436 excl. VAT)


At our facility, we machine all CNC parts in-house with expert precision. The cycle time for one crank, which includes 2 crank arms and 4 parts, is approximately 2 hours. Throughout the process, we process 3.8 kg of high-quality aluminum, ensuring that all chips and remnants are recycled professionally. Once the parts are thoroughly processed, they undergo an anodizing process that provides long-term protection against oxidation from both the inside and outside of the metal surface. Finally, we permanently bond the parts together by hand, ensuring the highest level of quality, with the process taking approximately 30 minutes for every crank arm.


The SIGNATURE crankset comes in a few different colors and spindle length´s to suit every style of riding. For colors we offer silver and black as standard colors, and these can be mixed on the same crank arm (twoface). Additionally, we have black or blue preload adjuster rings, and we even have limited edition colors ever now and again… so keep your eyes peeled!

Crankset spindles are available in 68mm and 73mm variants. This means you can use these lightweight cranks for your mountain bike of course, but also a gravel bike or cyclocross bike. We’ve even seen customers install 110bcd spiders and run these cranks with a double chainring! Wild! The 68mm spindle results in a q-factor of 163mm and the 73mm spindle comes in at 168mm.

A great crank is nothing without reliable standards. We went for the SRAM DUB 29mm bottom bracket standard, so a lot of you can swap an Actofive crank into your existing bottom bracket… we honestly couldn’t have made it any easier! For the chainring mounting we chose the proven SRAM 3-bolt design, and of course the crank arms both have integrated self-extracting bolts. We did all this to keep the number of tools for install and removal as low as possible.