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How to place your order:
Fill in the form.
By filling in the form we can establish your needs, where you’ll be riding, and how you’ll be riding. This allows us to better tailor the bike and its size to your liking. Need the P-TRAIN to handle big uphill climbs? Let us know! Want to go win some enduro races? That’s good stuff to know.
We’ll get in touch with you!
Once we’ve received your information, we’ll get to work on proposing the best combination for you. We’ll probably also have a few questions like what colour you want, and if we should include pure or milk chocolate in the shipping box!
Down Payment
So you clicked the big green button, nice! Once everything is settled, we’ll require a down-payment of 65% to get your new dream bike into production.
The CNC Magic Begins
Your frame, your cranks, and all the little bits to go along with them will be precision milled here in Dresden.
Final Details
Once the frame is done, we’ll get in touch for a final payment and then get everything in the post, or turn on the coffee maker if you’re planning to pick up the bike here in Dresden. Shipping is done via DHL or UPS, full insured, packed with care.
Go Ride!
This is the only part of the process we don’t have total control over, this is all on you! Go ride your new dream bike. Send big gaps, roll some roots, make stories and take photos. Enjoy!


the lead time is about 16-24 weeks

€6.990,00 (€5873,95 excl. VAT), no shock included

Prices shocks:

EXT STORIA LOK V3 incl. spring
€835,00 (€701,68 excl. VAT)

€896,96 (€753,75 excl. VAT)

ÖHLINS TTX22M incl. spring
€680,00 (€571,43 excl. VAT)

2024 FLOAT X2 F-S K 2pos-Adj Orange Neutral Logo
€800,00 (€672,27 excl. VAT)

FOX 2024 DHX2 F-S Cr 2pos-Adj Orange incl. spring
€916,00 (€769,75 excl. VAT)


    Note: AR°- Kit's are only needed if you want to change the base setup yourself later. For overview of the AR°- Kit's see Shop.

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